Set up Topas on University Network Computer

Many university computers are now managed desktops where students don't have access to a local drive. This can stop topas licenses working. A recipe to get round this in Durham is:

  1. You need somebody with elevated privileges (e.g. your IT person or a trusted group member).
  2. They need to find the cmd icon by typing “cmd” into the search then right-clicking and selecting “run with administrative privileges (audited)” or similar.
  3. Make the topas directory (e.g. mkdir c:\topasa_v6) and put files required in there from Alan's site
  4. If you have topas on a memory stick you might do this by: xcopy /E /I d:\topasa_v6 c:\topasa_v6
  5. Grant write privileges to that directory with: icacls “c:\topasa_v6” /grant Everyone:(OI)(CI)F /T
  6. You might want to set up jEdit in a similar way, though this will usually work via a network drive.

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