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Topas questions

Topas won't run

Do you have an up to date license or dongle for the version you're using?

jEdit questions

I can't get jedit running on my computer

The instructions on the web at for jedit4.2 have worked for everybody except one person. I've simplified the process slightly for jedit4.3, though this hasn't been tested by many people (

I'm that one person, what do I do?

jedit4.2 has worked to my knowledge on several hundred computers with different flavours of windows. The one failure was on a vista machine. There upgrading to jedit4.3 did the trick. If you do want to upgrade to jedit4.3 you'll need newer versions of the plugins. See

When I click on the menus on the left I don't get keywords appearing, just a load of computer code

There's a tick box called something like “run scripts” in the bottom left of the menu window. Make sure it's ticked.

The menus don't seem to work in jedit4.3

By default they were single click menus in jedit4.2 but are double clicks in jedit4.3

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