[user_defined_convolution E min E max E]…

User defined convolutions are convoluted into phase peaks and can be a function of X. The min/max equations are mandatory, they define the x-axis extents of the user_defined_convolution where min ⇐ 0 and max >= 0. For example, a sinc function can be convoluted into phase peaks (example AU111.INP) as follows:


   prm k 10 min 0.001 max 100

   user_defined_convolution =

      If(Abs(X) < 10^(-10), 1, (Sin(k X) /(k X))^2);

      min -3 max 3


Forces the use of Laboratory tube anomalous dispersion coefficients instead of the more accurate data from http://www‑cxro.lbl.gov/optical_constants/asf.html.

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