Inel Flat Plate Correction

Macro below performs corrections necessary for an inel flat plate system.

macro Inel_Flat_Plate_V1(alpha, alpha_val, sd, sd_val)
	' Version by Ian Madsen CSIRO Minerals
	' Equations for correction of intensity and sample displacement for flat plate samples
	' in fixed incident beam geometry e.g. when using the Inel CPS120 position sensitive detector
	' Intensity correction derived from Toraya et al. (1993)
	' Sample displacement model derived by Ian Madsen
	' alpha = angle between incident beam and sample surface
	' 2Theta = (alpha + beta)
	'   where beta  = angle between diffracted beam(s) and sample surface
	' sd = sample displacement (in same units as detector radius)
	' Rs = 250mm for the Inel CPS120 detector - Rs must be defined in the input file
   local alpha alpha_val
   local sd sd_val
   scale_pks = If(2 Th <= alpha Deg , 0, 2.0 / (1 + Sin (alpha Deg)/Sin (2 * Th - alpha Deg)));
   th2_offset = -(Rad sd Sin (2 Th)) / (Rs Sin (alpha Deg));

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