Description: Absorption correction for diamond anvil cell data. Corrects intensity decrease with increasing 2-Theta due to longer beam paths through diamonds.

Comment: Actually not a macro, the structure of diamond in included with a scale factor of zero to calculate the correct value for u_per_cm_diamond for any given wavelength.

Contributed by: Martin Fisch

scale_pks = Exp( - u_per_cm_diamond * ( 1 - 1/Cos(Deg * 2 * Th)));
phase_name "Diamond"
scale 0
space_group "Fd-3mS"
prm u_per_cm_diamond = (Get(phase_MAC) * 1.6605402 Get(cell_mass) / Get(cell_volume));: 0
site C x 0 y 0 z 0 occ C 1 beq 1

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