Macro which takes a filename and uses it as a background function. A scale factor for the background can be refined. This is particularly useful where there is a strong, feature-containing background which is hard to fit with the Chebyshev polynomial. Including a measured background can also be important for quantitative phase analysis.

macro bkg_file(filename,c,v)
	#m_argu c If_Prm_Eqn_Rpt(c, v, min 0 max 10000)
	user_y #m_unique bkg_obj filename
	fit_obj = CeV(c, v) bkg_obj;
macro bkg_file(filename)
	bkg_file(filename, ,1)

Example usage

bkg_file("myBackground.xy",@,0.5) 'Background with a refined scale factor
bkg_file("myFixedBackground.xy")  'Background with a fixed scale factor of 1

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